#5YearsOfJustDance – Happy Birthday!

We celebrate the Just Dance series with #5YearsOfJustDance

„Hey, it seems like a funny dance game! Would you like to try it when we have to wait for Zelda Skyward Sword anyway?“ i asked my friend Rick. He said „Yeah, why not“ and we danced to Teenage Dream by Katy Perry in Just Dance 3. It was so funny and amazing! That’s the start of my Just Dance passion, of my love.

I want to tell you the whole love story of my Just Dance passion. The hashtag #5YearsOfJustDance is the best way to share my experience. We were at the Gamescom 2011 in Cologne and tried to play many games as possible. For many of those new games we had to wait over 1 hour and that was creepy to us. So my friends and i decided to choose only the most interesting games, one of them was „The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword“. After 20 minutes we were so bored and searched for a short funny game something like minigames or maybe sing stuff. Than we saw a dance game, it was Just Dance 3 for the Wii console. We decided to try it out and it was so awesome, we laught so much!

After the Gamescom i had the game in my mind but it was not so special like today. One month later i met so many friends in Stuttgart (Germany) and i had the idea to do a little flashmob. Partly i knew the moves of Tennage Dream by Katy Perry which i danced at the Gamescom. As a „Dance-Teacher“ i teached them all the moves which i already knew and we record it for my old YouTube sitcom Cliquenwesen. It was crazy and we had so much fun so i decided to buy Just Dance 3. Maybe it could be the best party game ever? That was the start of my Just Dance passion.

Daning with friends to Just Dance

Year after year i bought every game of the Just Dance series, also the latest one. Also i danced every year on the Ubisoft stage at the Gamescom. The high point was my latest Gamescom experience in which i met great people like UbiMouss, Matthew the Game Director, Astrid and also people from Ubisoft Germany like Annick and Veronika. Matthew explained us in the Business Area the latest Just Dance game (Just Dance 2015) and UbiMouss danced with me. Astrid gave me a nice Just Dance bag, sunglasses and also a shirt – thank you!
One day later i met other Just Dance fans like Kurando and we had the chance to talk to Matthew and Mouss for an hour. Best atmosphere with a cold drink and the chance to ask questions to the best party (and even sport) game ever. I’ll never forget it.

But there is one more event which I’ll never forget. It’s my trip to the press event of Just Dance 2015 in Paris. Veronika from Ubisoft Germany organized this trip for me which was an incredible gift for me. The best thing was that Mouss, Matthew and other Just Dance fans didn’t know that i’m also there for this event, so it was a big surprise for all of them. When i arrived at the Just Dance event it was so incredible and fantastic to see this location, the dance floor and all these people who love the series and to dance. We had so much fun and danced the whole day long. Another awesome thing is that i had the possibility to talk to Veronique, the Character Director of all the dances in Just Dance. She is such a cute person with a big heart in my opinion. Maybe the whole Just Dance community is the nicest group of dancer – it’s a own „nation“. To sum up it was one of the best days i ever had and i’m not joking! I can’t wait to see my Just Dance family at the next event again.


And today? Today i try to dance daily and record my moves for my YouTube Channel called „TexBlock“. With my little family, my Texaholics, i record every dance, a funny Let’s Play and make collaboration with other dancer. I love the community so much and it’s awesome to be so active like in this game. If you want to be a part of the Just Dance family, dance with us and have fun. Don’t be so shy even if you’re a dance muffle (i was it too). Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Thank you so much, Ubisoft! Thanks to the Just Dance community! Let’s celebrate #5YearsOfJustDance and tell us your experience with the Just Dance series and how you addicted to the series :-)

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